About the Israel Cat Lovers Society

About the Israel Catlovers Society

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 Israel Cat Lovers Society
P.O.Box 9920, Haifa 3109901 Israel.

WhatsApp line: 053-578-5783 (text messages only)
Email: catlovers@isracats.org.il

Israel Cat Lovers Society was founded in 1966 with the goal to improve the life of street cats in Greater Haifa, Israel. It is our aim to establish an environment in which authorities and civil society will acknowledge and respect street cats. Our non-profit organization is run solely by volunteers in the region and funded by donations from Israel and abroad, as well as by the Ministry of Environmental Protection.

Our vision

Our vision is to achieve a stable stray cat population throughout the greater Haifa region and throughout Israel. This will be achieved by neutering all cats in the city. All replacement cats will come only from local house cats and “country” cats. Furthermore, we envision a state where all injured or sick stray cats receive quality veterinary care.

Moreover, we envision a state in which Haifa city authorities will fund neutering and treatment in order to maintain a clean and healthy environment. In addition, the city will coordinate and subsidize the feeding of stray cats. In the long run, this will also apply to all Israeli cities.

Furthermore, Israelis’ awareness and attitude toward stray cats and other stray animals will change towards treating them with respect. Their attitude will change to the point where they acknowledge their right to live peacefully. Finally, our vision is to raise awareness among the young people in our society: school children. Through early education, we seek to create a generation that respects and acknowledges the rights of stray cats.

We will achieve this through the following levels of intervention:

Trap-neuter-return (TNR) program: We are working with experienced and certified trappers that trap unneutered stray cats, bring them to certified veterinary clinics, and neuter them. The process also contains basic level of veterinary care in cases where it is needed. After a sufficient period of recuperation, the cats are returned to their original environment. To prevent future trapping of neutered cats, all cats are ear-marked.

Veterinary care for sick/injured stray cats:  Our Whatsapp hotline operates for 50 hours per week.  People can contact the hotline to report sick or injured cats needing veterinary care. For a small donation, the society provides all the veterinary care needed in several clinics with which the society has a financial arrangement.

In addition, the hotline provides first aid advice in cases of injured or sick cats, assistance in locating cat trappers, cat transportation as well as coordinates medical treatment. 

Foster and adoption. In addition to finding temporary homes for convalescing cats, the society also assists in finding new families to adopt them. This is done through this website, as well as through our Facebook page

Awareness-raising and education: As part of our local teaching program, schoolchildren learn about stray cats, dogs, and other animals from society volunteers. This helps them develop empathy and a positive attitude toward animals as a whole.

Authorities: Keeping close ties with Haifa municipal establishment is a key part of the society’s vision for the city to participate actively in cat protection. In addition, the society offers support to cat feeders who are illegally harassed by city law enforcement officers.

Israel Cat Lovers Society, P.O. Box 9920, Haifa 3109901 Israel

Email: catlovers@isracats.org.il

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