Teaching Compassion in School

Within the framework of a Respect and Pity for Animals Week that took place in the “Tzahalah” school in Tel Aviv, students in Grade 1 organized an activity for Grades 1 through 3, in which they decorated bowls of water and set them out around the area, for the street cats.

The restaurant “Talu’s Kitchen” contributed the bowls, the children decorated them and prepared posters, and the animals were saved from the terrible late-summer heat. That’s how simple it is to educate for compassion and to save lives.

To those responsible – Vivian Eckstein the school principal, Rinal Frizan the vice-Principal, and the teachers Ma’ayan Kedem, Mirit Levy, Na’ama Gliksman and Gila Brooks – a huge Thank You! If every school in Israel did this, what a difference it would make to the country!

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