Rescue Operations During the Haifa Fires

During the huge fire in Haifa last week, scores, perhaps hundreds of animals – some of them pets, some of them wild animals and street-cats – suffered a terrible fate when they were unable to escape the flames.

One pet cat got lucky: a TV team filming the fire for Channel 2 included in its footage a picture of “Milky” staring hopelessly through the window at the flames, from inside an apartment. Milky’s owner, Michal, had not been allowed by the fire-fighters to go in and find her cat when the fire approached her building. Upon seeing the picture on TV, she appealed to the animal-rights team whose ambulance was scouring the area looking for trapped animals. The team got to the apartment and happily found Milky safe and sound.

The team also managed to rescue a pet dog, found trapped in a burnt-out yard, and returned her to her owners.

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